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Is your online sales performance experiencing a decline or reaching a stagnant level that has not shown significant growth since your initial launch? Whether you are a newcomer to eCommerce or an established player with considerable experience, Arkiya Inc. is here to provide assistance. Our comprehensive services are designed to alleviate the burden of challenging tasks, leaving you with the sole focus of monitoring increased sales and business expansion. Let us help propel your online venture to new heights of success.

The leading integrated strategy platform for driving consumer brand growth.

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As a dynamic and seasoned online retailer, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner that elevates and expands your brands on the Amazon Marketplaces. Our unwavering dedication and diligent efforts ensure that we go beyond mere product sales, consistently seeking the best solutions to add value to your brands. Emphasizing the power of diversity and teamwork, we are committed to fostering mutually beneficial relationships with brands that share our passion and dedication. Together, we aim to achieve new heights of success and growth.

We elevate your brand’s success and drive rapid revenue growth on Amazon


Leveraging our proprietary technology, the Arkiya Inc platform streamlines and automates every aspect of your product’s life cycle, empowering you to execute efficiently at scale.

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We acknowledge the significant responsibility involved in entrusting the sales and marketing of your product to a wholesaler like Arkiya Inc. Nevertheless, we are highly confident in our capabilities and expertise, and we are determined to earn your trust by showcasing the value we can add and the remarkable assistance we can provide to your business.


We do optimize your listing to help create additional sales and increase conversions. Copywriting, photography, video, and more.


We help your brand’s performance more shiny and professional the way that gains the impression and reputation into the customers’ subconscious.

MAP Monitor & Brand Control

We help monitor and report the violators of your price policy, also the unauthorized sellers on Amazon and other E-Marketplaces.


We run PPC advertising campaigns on Amazon to scale sales and expose your brand to new customers and it works guaranteed.


We help build the loyal customers by using excellent software to send automated follow-up emails to customers to get their positive reviews and feedback.

Online Retail

We use the latest tools and software to track your brand’s sales on Amazon. This allows us to not only forecast more accurately.


At Arkiya Inc, brands seek our services with confidence, knowing that we deliver tangible results. Our primary focus revolves around ensuring the seamless efficiency of your operations. Leveraging our extensive expertise in eCommerce and Amazon, we expertly navigate the marketplace on your behalf, strategically promoting and selling your products. Our goal is to secure the best exposure possible for your brand, maintaining high demand and ultimately driving your business towards success.

Unlike other wholesale providers, our high-performance eCommerce services are free at Arkiya Inc. That means you do not have to pay a single dime to take advantage of our services and achieve those results.

When you choose Arkiya Inc as your eCommerce wholesales expert, you get the assurance of no buybacks, consignments, or messy and drawn-out returns. We will buy your products with upfront payments and manage any returns that need to be made on your behalf. If we do not sell anything, we will keep it.

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the online retail sector, we can supply reliable forecasts that can help to make sure your products stay in stock. However, we will also ensure that your products are not overstocked, so there can be a seamless flow of transactions with our partners and customers.

We pride ourselves at Arkiya Inc on how easily any products we sell through eCommerce platforms can be noticed. We have an ever-growing online presence, and that is good news for your products and company. Since we were set up, we have risen to become leading online sellers, standing head and shoulders above others.


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If you are seeking the expertise of a wholesale specialist to elevate your sales and enhance your brand identity, our team is here to offer unparalleled assistance. We welcome the opportunity to engage in a thorough discussion about your business, products, and objectives. Through this dialogue, we can demonstrate how our services are tailored to address your specific needs and showcase the ways in which we can be a valuable asset in helping you achieve your goals.

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